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Análise política #044 Decifrando a via neopopulista (03/04/2017)


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  1. Can I just say what a comfort to find a person that really understands what they are talking about online.

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    • Jak dobrze, że wszystko dobrze siÄ™ skoÅ„czyÅ‚o, co za piesek… Możemy wszyscy brać z niego przykÅ‚ad Takie oddanie i przyjaźń!!! Jeszcze raz brawo Atticus i powodzenia w dalszym niesieniu pomocy!!! 24 sierpnia 2012 o 14:00

    • Great looks!! Como alguém já disse por aqui, acho que no seu post anterior, você está bem magrinha. Conta o segredo! Já sabemos do spinning, do qual também sou fã e adepta. Mas como você faz quando viaja? Até porque você viaja com muita frequencia. Leva tênis para andar/correr?Kisses, AB

    • Oh Baron, it’s always about race, is it not?You racist!LGF was right. It’s not just because some Jews have Nazi sympathies that it is proved that the Vlaams Belang is not Nazi/fascist/evil/diabolic.The only logical conclusion is that in Flanders there are Nazi evil Jews.(I didn’t know what to say. I am evidently kidding.)

    • ஐயா, நீங்க நம்மை ஆளும் அரசைப் பற்றிச் சொல்வது நூறு சதவிகிதம் சரிதான், ஆனால் அதை எதிர்த்து யாரும் குரல் கூட கொடுக்காத நிலையில், போராடி ஜெயித்து கருணாநிதி வைத்தியம் பார்க்கும் அதே அப்போலோவில் சாதாரண குடிமகனும் வைத்தியம் பார்த்துக் கொள்ளும் காலம் என்றைக்கு வரப் போகிறத001000ு? அதுவரை வெறுமனே வாழாதிருக்க வேண்டுமென்று சொல்கிறீர்களா? இன்றைக்கு பத்து பேர் படித்து நல்ல வேலைக்குப் போனால் கூட அந்த குடும்பங்கள் காப்பாற்றப் படுகின்றன அல்லவா? நீங்கள் சொல்லும் பொற்காலம் வரும் அன்று இந்த நடிகர்களையும் எந்த உதவியும் செய்ய வேண்டாமென்று நிறுத்தி விடலாம்.

    • As far as I can see, if they don’t mention it within their terms and conditions, they have no right to do it. Shamefully, many companies do something like this, but when you complain, they immediately do something about it. An example is British Gas. A few years ago, my mother complained to them that their prices were rising higher rapidly, despite them telling her that prices would not increase anytime soon. When she complained, they were mysteriously immediately able to make a 10% reduction, it’s basically them being cheeky little buggers.

    • Interesting timing on you post Benny. I’ve been trying to squash the sense of fight I’ve been feeling lately over a ‘done me wrong’ situation. It’s something that stirs such anger in me, at a moments notice, that it worries me. I’m usually fairly level and have that water off a duck thing going. But not with this one issue. After reading your post I’m thinking I might be looking at it wrong. Instead of trying to squash the anger, maybe I should use it to motivate me in a who-cares-about-that-cause-I’m-doing-this kind of way. Things that make you go hmmmmm

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    • سلام من بدون هیچ مشکلی وارد بازی میشم داخل سرور ها هم میرم ولی همه خارجی هستن پینگ منم زیاد خوب نیست، سرور های ایرانی کی میان؟

    • >くさぼう様う~~~ん・・・そうですね、決め付けたかもしれません、気をつけますね。でも弱い人、って決め付けもそれはどうなのかな?母になる事を選び、母になれたのだから強い人だと思いますよ。また、子供たちのためにも強くならないと、いけないのではないでしょうか?私は離婚も経験していますし、天涯孤独な身の上になり、いろんな大変な事が有りました。そんな中で自分が世間様に迷惑を掛けないよう、コツコツと努力を積み重ね、我慢する所は我慢して此処まで来ました。心から信じられない相手に、今の時代は多いほうの3人を産み、何もしてこなかった、仲良しな時もあった、ではおかしいのではないかと思っただけです。勿論心から信じていて、3人子供を授かり、なのに裏切られた方も世の中にはいらっしゃると思います。そういう方は本当に気の毒だと思いますし、現実的になかなか子供さん3人抱えてシングルにはなり難いだろうとも思うのです。>相談者さまへ問題は「これから」です。此処で優しい言葉をいくら並べても、相談者にプラスにはならないと思うのです。自分にも非があったと認め、何処が悪かったのか、何処までは大丈夫だけれど、何処までは駄目か、客観的に自分を見て考えなければいけない事は山ほど有ります。『何もしてこないで来た』も自分で「選んで」「してきた」ということです。今、貴女を頼りにしている子供達の為にも、未来をみすえて行動を起こして下さい。その行動が離婚でも別居でも元の鞘に戻るでも、あなたが決めたことならば良いのです。大切な事は憎しみに目を曇らせずに、自分がどうしたいかを大切にする事だと思います。そして「結果」を『子供たちに背負わせない事』この一つが大切な事です。

    • Мне 24 года, 17.12.10 удалили желчный после родов, примерно 20 камней по 8 мм, чем питаться и хотелось бы узнать про диету, как распознать по цвету от чего образовались камни от каких продуктов и напитков. заранее спасибо

    • The explosives problem isn’t so much of a problem if you think about how the radioactive material would be distributed. It won’t be an explosion as big as a nuclear bomb because it’s not, strictly speaking a nuclear bomb. It’s a dirty bomb. That being the case, you’d only need enough explosives to spread the sand into the air, where it would settle over a broad area with a devastating effect.

    • Have a safe trip home and best wishes for an easy flight. After being in Boston and Florida the last two weekends – short flights and traveling with adults – I give you all the credit in the world flying so far and with two little and energetic boys – you’ll need to share your travel secrets. Can’t wait to meet Max! Love, Aunt Barb.

    • The measurements seem a little bit off with the amount of coconut milk and water. I only used a can of coconut milk and a can of chicken broth as substitute for water and it still came out pretty watery. But good recipe! :) Thanks.

    • c.oriental 24, reconozco que, matices aparte, tienes razón.El aspecto destructivo de algunas religiones también puede aplicarse a regímenes no religiosos.Gente que no quiera imponerse a los demás es buena gente crea o no crea y al contrario.

    • Also, they should definitely ban programming GPS devices or, for those of us who are old-school, reading maps. Those are both extremely dangerous activities that involve driving without eyes. If you can’t drive without hands, how are you supposed to drive without eyes? Though this does beg the question of whether all children under the age of 14 should be banned from cars, since they are a HUUUUUGGGGEE distraction. Hmmm…

    • , , and ,Thanks for adding to the discussion. I think you express some of the most significant gripes Java developers have with JavaFX.Like Lucas, I'm hoping that we'll get some clarity about the future of JavaFX at JavaOne 2010.

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    • Αγαπητε ΘΑΛΑΜΟΦΥΛΑΚΑ, ωs προs το θεμα καποιων αναγνωρισιμων πρoσωπικοτητων, το οποιο εθεσαν ανωτερω οι συνελληνεs συμπατριωτεs καλοπροαιρετα, ερχονται στην σκεψη μου οι Στελιοs Παπαθεμεληs και Ιωαννηs Κοραντηs, που ισωs ενδιαφερονται για συμμετοχη – υποστηριξη τηs προσπαθειαs, αφου επιδεικνυουν για χρονια καποιεs ευαισθησιεs για τα εθνικα μαs θεματα και την εννοια τηs ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑΣ…. Ειναι απλα μια επιλπεον αποψη και αν δεν βοηθαει, παρακαλω αγνοειστε την…..

    • Mbak mau nanya…aku uda 3 kali bkn resep ni,yang pertama berhasil nah yang kedua n ketiga meleber wktu di panggang Smpet baca di web ncc,katanya ngocok menteganya g boleh lama2…buat yang adonan kedua emang sih ngocoknya kelamaan,trs adonan yg ketiga ni ngocoknya bntr bgt,cm 5 mnit tp ttp meleber lg Uda mo putus asa ni mbak…gmn ya biar ga meleber??makasih mbak…..

    • bueno la verdad no entiendo, que es lo que le añaden para que el scam sea indetectable, de firefox y chorme, pues la verdad no me interesa lo del facebook estoy haciendo otros scam, pero los lanzo un dia subiendolo ha web burnerables con shells, pero al siguiente dia ya son detectados como falsificacion, por el exprorador y te explicas mejor que es lo que hay que añadir para que eso no pase te agradesco

    • Mir gefallen die Ampelmännchen-Keksaustecher sehr gut (und überlege schon hin und her, ob ich sie bestelle)Und ich liebe Deine Verlosungen genauso sehr wie Deinen Blog :)Einen schönen Dezember Liebe GrüßePetra (Katzenzicke)

    • foarte funny postul… :) eu una nu prea am curaj sa-l folosesc parca as ramane tot la ceara de unica folosinta… ma sperie ideea de arsura… pt ca sut cam perfectionista si ma va tenta sa il utilizez pe aceeasi portiune de mai multe ori… asteptam incontinuare parerea ta finala.. poate cu timpul cine stie… eu am un uscator de par de la ei cumparat cu toate accesoriile acum vreo 6 ani si e super bun inca :Dasa ca succes incontinuare la despadurire :)))))))


  2. Yeah hold on have I seen this before, it all depends on what you define as ‘rich’ doesn’t it.If someone makes 80k a year, but lives in London, has a non-working partner (or working partner), has two kids and a mortgage does that make them rich? I don’t think so. Those people are taxed enough already and support the nations that they live in more than enough via tax.But if you’re talking about the Russian oligarchs and all that bunch? Go for it….

  3. Congratulations, Aidan. I think I would be writing the same exact words if I were to ever come upon this day. Wanting to wait until this moment to write THIS post. Wanting to push all the insecurities away and just embrace the light of the moment. Say YES to yourself for all that you have accomplished. What a beautiful and glorious day. I am happy to know you, my friend. Your words have touched many, and I wish you all the success in the world with your book. With your LIFE after YES!

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  6. Recuperar tus colores! esoo! que buena frase! Adelante! ánimo! si se puedeeee si se puedeee! :) Algunas fotos blanco y negro me gustan, pero la mayoría no, lo mío también es el color, no hay nada mejor! :)

  7. if you try playing with the numbers at 09:37 you’ll notice something like: 9-3 = 6…12-6=6 and the 6 himself..only using those numbers and a little bit of math there’s the devils number…i always do this thing and mostly in common numbers like phone numbers that belongs to a tv show like x factor or smth…it can be a coincidence…i don’t know

  8. Hallo Doris,schön, dass Du ein paar tolle Tage mit einer lieben Freundin verleben konntest und Du hast ihr ein richtig schönes Set gebastelt… gefällt mir alles sehr gut….LG-Antje

  9. Sue Waters, This is a great suggestion! This is one reason I love blogs and wikipages. Everytime I read about a new technology, such as VoiceThread, Glogster, and Twitter, I try to find blogs and wikis that show how other educators already implemented the technology. This way I can plan for possible obstacles and see what worked or did not work.

  10. rispondo quì così forse vedi la rispostaL’ammonizione dell’estremo tongano è giusta a termine di regolamento perchè c’è scritto proprio che se un giocatore interviene su un passaggio degli avversari colpendo la palla con solo una mano dall’alto verso il basso (come il nostro caso) va ammonito. Il discorso non si applica se vai con due mani a stoppare un calcio

  11. Yo pienso que hay que comprar agua mineral sin gas de 5 litros y aprovechar que esta barata. Total vence en un ańo. También comprar un café que se llama 2 go, hierve sólo y trae diferentes variedades. Es mi aporte

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  17. Parfois le sens de l’humour des uns n’est pas celui des autres. Si non je ne vois pas pourquoi l’augmentation des drones serait en défaveur d’Obama. Je me réjouis que mes compatriotes les espagnols ressemblent aux français.

  18. mary anneDo you think that Congress will remove the purchase date requirement. And will happen in January 2013.I called my bank to refi and was told I do not qualify for HARP and to get a refi loan my house would have to appraise at a lot more than it is currently worth.I can barely keep above water, having to occassionly use credit cards. If I default on my house and credit cards how is that helping the economy.Heres hoping Congress will act responsiblaly and compassionately for the greater good.

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  20. Conor – I think the shoe rides great on the road. I can't say that it wears very well, though, because we deliberately put a softer, stickier rubber on the outsole than what was on the 101s (which was quite hard and slick). I do a lot of moderate scrambling on my mountain runs and the softer rubber gives me extra traction/security on rock. The trade-off, however, is that it's not quite as durable.

  21. Jun14Hawker 1 Its not just the college age anymore. It is getting to be the same at the high school level. The vidios of Cal. and Az. high school demostrations are a wakeup call to what a lot of the union teachers are doing .

  22. to think about the “rhetorical dimensions” of the essays i’m reading, what exactly does that mean? I understand that i should be examining the context as well as gaining insight into the writer and his/her intended audience, but exactly what kind of response is this?

  23. mientras la gente estemos de brazos cruzados seguiran abusando y cada dia mas, lo que no puede ser es que los estudiantes se movilizen para un botellon 4000 personas y para eventos futbolisticos o taurinos y despues nos vallamos quejando entre dientes de lo mal que lo estamos pasando,como no reaccionemos al final nos diran hasta que hora debemos acostarnos …salud y republica

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  25. Yeah, I've had an authority of 1 there for months, and the last post it shows for my site is from January. I emailed a query, but got no response.It's too bad they're completely worthless, now. I might s well take their widget down.

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  27. Hi, my name’s Jackson and I am 15, I just got my first real mountain bike, a Talus 29er sport and wanted to know how rigorous the wed. night rides is, and is it still active? I have no problem riding the trails in and around Del Cerro but I figured I should ask how rigorous the ride is and where it goes. Thanks.

  28. Alex-as a life long Democrat also I am horrified by what Obama and minions have done. I don’t think they crippled the party I think they have destroyed it. Other than Obama not NBC, the misuse of power by Obama and Nancy Pelosi and others is horrifying and disgusting. To me: little people with small minds, seizing an enormous amount of power-unConstitutionally in more ways than one. Corruption- that is just another in a long list of their illegal acts, what amazes me no end is that they are/were so flagrant about it.

  29. January 17th 2013 – 8:33amONF! What great fun could be had for the winner of this giveaway! I have visions of Swellagan dancing in my head. I see an endless supply of ideas. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  30. Ale teraz historia nie kieruje się DOWODEM, że tak było, tylko WIARĄ Zobacz co się dzieje u nas w kraju, jak podchodzi się do historii tej starszej i tej nowszej. To już nie jest nawet smutne ani żenujące

  31. Sweet Brian!! This is such a cute sweet pic of you! How lovely!!! Awww happy birthday and happy happy anniversary to your mum and dad!! Glad you all had a great time! Yay for mama robins and baby robins too!!Take carex

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  34. I was going to say that modern Vikings could sail up the Seine and be drinking beer out of the shoes of Parisian strippers in 48 hours flat but, come to think of it, the descendants of the Vikings aren't all they used to be, either. Look at the liberal enclaves that have sprouted up in the traditional Scandihoovian homelands of Sweden, Denmark, and Minnesota…

  35. Hej!En kommentar jag glömt att skicka iväg. När jag var färdig med enkäten och skrev ut den, sÃ¥ syntes inte vilka radioknappar jag fyllt i och i de textrutor som expanderade var inte all text synlig i utskriften. Jag hann ocksÃ¥ skicka iväg enkäten innan jag upptäckte detta… Kan vara bra om det gÃ¥r att Ã¥tgärda eller pÃ¥peka.

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  37. Schoppers: as far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with climate change. It is a matter of paying for what you get. Externalizing hour cost means you are essentially stealing some of your profit from whoever bears that cost, whether this generation or the next.You do believe in paying for what you get, right?

  38. I won’t lie, it’s refreshing to hear that it’s not just non-Americans — trying to work with the American system — that have difficulty. I have had far more difficulty getting things done as a Trinidadian in Trinidad though.I’m willing to bet that an American in Trinidad would have less difficulty to do things, because of the way Trinis praise anyone with an American accent!

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